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Condo and Townhome Associations

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Commercial Landscape Maintenance and Design

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Residential Estates and Private Communities

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Medical and Shopping Centers


The landscaping season begins April 1st and ends the last week of October.  If mature trees are found the be on the property, services will extend until the 15th of November, reaching 31-33 weeks.


Your commercial property is the company’s image presented to the public every day – it welcomes visitors, clients, tenants and employees. Blade Runners is a full service commercial landscaping company that has years of experience that will enhance the beauty of your commercial grounds with innovative landscapes. Here at Blade Runners we understand the importance of maintaining an attractive and professional appearance. We provide landscaping services like turf care, flower programs, mulching, pest control, ornamental fertilization and irrigation systems. We service many different types of commercial buildings including medical offices, office buildings and retail centers to name a few. Blade Runners specializes in providing feasible solutions to fit the goals and the budget of each customer.

Blade Runners commercial landscaping maintenance manages and maintains commercial properties with diverse grounds maintenance requirements. We offer solutions year round, but our service and creativity set us apart. We walk the property frequently with our clients and provide ground maintenance suggestions that enhance the property value for their commercial landscaping investment.

If your property faces winter weather stress, our team of snow and ice removal professionals can provide support and has years of commercial snow removal experience.


Blade Runners is a full service residential landscaping and lawn care company serving the Lake County area.  Create a custom getaway with unique designs and a maintained landscape that will increase the value of your residential property for years to come.  Blade Runners specializes in providing feasible solutions to fit the goals and the budget of each customer.

Blade Runners recommends a consultation for all properties including a walk through of the property and time to fully understand the customer’s expectations.  Once a level of care is established, Blade Runners will provide a monthly value that will best suit the needs of your property.

To create a professional landscape look, Blade Runners believes in well-rounded turf care program with a preventative approach to reduce weakness or stress that includes a weed and feed program along with proper watering and lawn maintenance.  Blade Runners utilizes professional mowers, trailers and equipment, which are maintained daily for precision and reliability.



    Blade Runners utilizes high quality materials including granular natural mineral and organic fertilizers. Every lawn application visit is tailored to meet the unique needs of every individual lawn, ensuring each lawn has the essentials to reach its optimal potential.


    Blade Runners provides customers with bulbs for Spring, Fall and Summer seasons. We are able to give customers custom designed beds with bulbs that will continue to bloom throughout the season providing a colorful outdoor display.


    Blade Runners mulch pricing is based upon cubic feet, nutrients and color and provides planting beds with a uniform well-cared for appearance. Installing mulch will help to maintain soil moisture while also acting as a natural weed control.


    Forget the costly, time consuming and frustrating experience and let Blade Runners apply a barrier treatment to your home. From general pest control to specialized summer treatments, Blade Runners has the professional background to get your pests under control.


    Blade Runners understands the importance of proper weed maintenance and control. Allow us to utilize our knowledge of the fertilization process and provide your lawn with the suitable maintenance plan and application to bring your home to life and keep your lawn looking healthy and green.


    Allow Blade Runners to take the headache and stress of our dealing with turf diseases, drought damage and pests with an automated watering schedule. Blade Runners will provide you with a customized watering schedule, controlling how much water is released with the simple touch of a button.

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